4 March, 2018 Mas Eventos


MXGP Patagonia Argentina 2018 closed its fourth edition on an incredible Sunday.  The natural rostrums at Patagonia Race Track, were crowded with fans who saw how their idols paid back offering awesome races. Passion was on top.

After Races 1 and 2, Jeffrey Herlings got the first place on the podium in MXGP after snatching the first place from “Toni” Cairoli just on the final lap. In MX2, Pauls Jonass wins again, just as in 2017.

Morning rain made everybody think MXGP second day would look different in Villa La Angostura. However, the sun showed up just before Warm Up … or to warm up, and we completed a perfect weekend so that everyone could witness an incredible start of the season.

Herlings on top in MXGP

In the top class, it seems Jeffrey Herlings’ youth impetus won over Toni Cairoli´s experience. The end of Race 2 was a close battle between them both and spectators were breathless in the final 1600 meters of competition.

The day started with a victory by the Italian rider in the first race. His teammate followed and put some pressure on him for some time.  But in the second hit, the Dutchman showed his backbone and took the lead from Tony (Cairoli) in the final lap and this gave him the absolute win over the weekend in the 2018 edition of MXGP Patagonia Argentina.

The third place was for Clement Desalle who was not able to deal with KTMs power.

Cairoli had his first victory on a race in Argentina and Herlings, got his second win as he also won in 2016, but that time in MX2.


MXGP – Race 1

1 Antonio Cairoli 34m23s907
2 Jeffrey Herlings +1s075
3 Clement Desalle +30s101


MXGP – Race 2
1 Jeffrey Herlings 34m56s319
2 Antonio Cairoli +2s501
3 Clement Desalle +23s027


MXGP – Overall Classification and World Championship:
1 Jeffrey Herlings 47 points
2 Antonio Cairoli 47
3 Clement Desalle 40

 Riders’ words:

Jeffrey Herlings (MXGP winner): “I had a good start and then I kept a good rhythm and I could put pressure on Tony (Cairoli). I worked hard to get closer.  I´m very happy for winning the first round in the Championship. We did a great job off season and it seems it has paid off.  I feel more confident with the bike now. I want to thank the team because they have done a great job”.

Antonio Cairoli (runner-up in MXGP): “I´m happy to be on the podium. I almost had a perfect weekend, but in the second race I made a few mistakes. Jeffrey (Herlings) had the chance to takeover me and he did. It is good for the team to get a 1-2. This will be a very interesting season”.

Pauls Jonass continues to reign in Argentina

No doubt Patagonia Race Track suits the rider from Latvia very well.  He fully dominated both MX2 races and the championship is starting in the best way for him.

Thomas Olsen and Hunter Lawrence completed the podium whose first place, just as in 2017, went for Jonass.


MX2 – Race 1:

1 Pauls Jonass 34m44s373
2 Hunter Lawrence +1s993
3 Thomas Olsen +12s509


MX2 – Race 2:

1 Pauls Jonass 34m00s087
2 Thomas Olsen +5s260
3 Darian Sanayei +10s726


MX2 – Overall Classification and World Championship:
1 Pauls Jonass 50 points
2 Thomas Olsen 42
3 Hunter Lawrence 37

Rider’s words:

Pauls Jonass: “I felt very well all the weekend. The bike was very good. I had lots of testing but there is always something to improve. In the first race I had a bad start but I worked hard to get the lead. In the second race my start was good and I kept the first place”.


Best Argentine riders: Joaquin Poli in MXGP (24°) and Julian Seibel in MX2 (26°)

Rider’s words:

Julián Seibel (26° – best Argentine rider in MX2): “Today I was able to overtake a few riders and got a good position to be the best Argentine rider in the overall. I tried to be neat, I followed the lines and I think it was a good weekend. I want to thank my team for giving me the chance to race here”.